Wilder vs. Fury Betting Preview

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury are set for their upcoming rematch on Saturday. This event will be taking place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. 

Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury Odds

The odds for Wilder vs. Fury are currently at:

  • Wilder: -106
  • Fury: -110
  • odds are subject to change

The Fighters

Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder is currently 42-0-1. Forty-one of those wins have been knockouts. He stands 79 inches tall and has an 83-inch reach. His fighting stance is orthodox. 

Wilder is coming off of a knockout win over Luis Ortiz. He has been regarded as the fiercest puncher in boxing history in the heavyweight division. He can deliver heavy knockouts with either his right or left hand. 

Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury is currently 29-0-1. Twenty of those wins have been knockouts while the other nine have been decisions. He stands at 81 inches tall and has a reach of 85 inches. His fighting stance is orthodox. 

Fury is coming off a unanimous decision win over Otto Wallin, which at the time was undefeated. The only draw he has on his record, is the one he shares with his upcoming opponent Wilder. 

Previous Battle Between Them

In their first fight in 2018, the judges scored the bout 115-111 for Wilder, 114-112 for Fury and 113-113. Wilder was able to open up the first round and take control of it. Then Fury manages to win most of the rounds two through eight. Wilder was then able to win a few more of the later rounds. 

In every single one of Wilder’s fights, he has knocked down his opponents at least once or completely knocked them out. What was surprising about this fight is that he managed to knock down Fury three separate times, and he was still able to get up and continue fighting. 

Fury was able to strategically last all 12 rounds and survive Wilder’s ridiculous knockout power. Fury also out-landed his hits on Wilder 84 to 71. If Wilder had landed one of those three powerful knock-down hits any other way, this fight may have ended in a knockout victory for Wilder. 

Potential Outcome 

This fight is exactly what fans want to see. You have arguably two of the best boxers, best heavyweights ever, and one that is hands down (Wilder) the best heavyweight boxer ever. 

For this fight, I expect Wilder to come into this with a mentality like never before. His last two fights have seemed that he is more focused than normal. The last meeting between these two has left a mark on Wilder’s fighting resume, and even though it was not a loss, it still was not a win. 

Fury, on the other hand, has made a few changes. He recently switched trainers to execute a plan to deliver more powerful knockout punches in hopes of knocking out Wilder. He has also changed his mentality. He does not appear to have talked as much trash as compared to last time. 

In reality, I think Fury is going to have to knock out Wilder to defeat him. These fighters both have too much experience to just simply be beaten by a decision. Fury is going to have to do a feat that has never been accomplished before. 

This fight barely goes to Deontay Wilder. I say barely because I do not think he will let it go to a decision for a second time. If it goes to a decision, Fury will be more prepared this time and take away a win. Wilder will be coming for that heavy knockout and wanting it more than ever.