Draftkings is the Newest Partner of the IBIA

DraftKings is a renowned bookmarker, a sports betting, and iGaming solutions provider. It powers over 50 operators exceeding 15 regulated markets in the US as well as global markets. This gives it unlimited access to keep track of sporting events in the gambling industry. The decision to join IBIA is welcomed, and the organization hopes it will improve its global monitoring network.

Khalid Ali, the IBIA CEO, expressed the association’s delight in working with another trusted brand in the industry. Ali praised the DraftKings model of operation on both local and international markets. He also stated that the incorporation of DraftKings’ trading network in IBIA will boost the already existing system regulating the global gambling markets and monitoring consumer activities.

DraftKings’ CCO, Tim Dent, welcomed the move and announced that the partnership is a direct show of intent. He said that DraftKings is committed to protecting its clients, consumers, and sports affairs from manipulation at the corporate level. The organization’s network, together with the new sports betting operator will open new opportunities to ensure proper regulation of gambling markets

The Global Monitoring Network of the IBIA

The international Betting Integrity Association is a global voice aiming to uphold integrity in the regulated gambling platforms. It works through the collective action of its members to protect themselves from corruption. IBIA’s tool of combating corruption is effective in monitoring, detecting, and even reporting any suspicious activities on its members’ betting platforms. Besides, the union holds a long-standing agreement of sharing information and taking action where fraud is detected.

Despite the effective system, the association needs the joint effort of its partners to enforce its operations. The members also widen IBIA’s reach beyond borders with their extensive markets and access to protected data.

IBIA’s Other Partnerships and Statistics

IBIA has several existing partnerships with both political and sporting authorities and is still acquiring more. Some of its associates include the International Olympic Committee, the European Commission, the UN, and the CoE. Betcris, a Latin American member, and Romania’s Superbet also joined IBIA early in the year.

For a long time, there have been concerns over match-fixing in sports events. This has led to increased efforts in clamping down the perpetrators. IBIA reported the increased risk of suspicious activities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the first quarter of 2020, it recorded a 65% increase in suspicious betting activities. A recent case involved match-fixing suspicions at the 2020 Rolland Garros Tournament, which Tennis Integrity Unit investigated.

A recent report from the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation estimates that $141 million worth of match-fixing occurs annually. In an effort to tackle fraud in sports betting, FIFA introduced an app where professional players could anonymously report any potential match-fixing incident.

An official press release clarified that DraftKings’ clients are not automatically members of IBIA. For them to become members, they have to apply in their own right. However, they can benefit from the association’s operations through the DraftKings platform.

Bottom Line

DraftKings’ partnership with International Betting Integrity Association is a welcomed move expected to strengthen sports betting events’ global monitoring. Through DraftKings’ domestic and abroad operations, the organization hopes to enhance integrity in professional sports. This is achieved through monitoring, detecting, reporting, and taking the necessary measures to prosecute the corrupt culprits.