Faker or Caps, SKT T1 or G2: MSI 2019 Semi-finals preview

The group stage of MSI 2019 is behind us, which leaves us with only the top 4 teams that are now just 1 step away from reaching the grand finals. With a lot to lose and even more to gain, SKT T1 and G2 Esports head into the semi-finals for their third and last H2H match of the tournament. The match will take place at Heping Basketball Gymnasium in Taiwan, Taipei on May 18th at 9:00 CEST.

Looking at the semi-finals pairs, there is little to no hope for Team Liquid to defeat Invictus Gaming and advance into semi-finals as the match looks to be more or less one-sided. Meanwhile, the pair of European and South Korean teams just might not be as one-sided as it may seem at first. While it’s true SKT T1 are generally recognized as one of the best, we simply can’t ignore the fact G2 defeated SKT T1 twice in the group stage. But can they do it for the third time?

Caps or Faker?

The League of Legends community seems to be split right down the middle when the question of who will win comes up. Will it be Faker, who is widely considered to be the GOAT, or the European prodigy, the “baby Faker” Caps, who is arguably the best League of Legends player Europe has to offer? Both are exceptional players, and arguably the best players in their teams, however, when put side by side, we simply cannot point to the better player as of now. While we could go on and compare them as players, this won’t be as important for the upcoming semi-finals match, where it won’t all come down to their performance, but rather the performance of all laners.

Best of 5 matches to reveal the true quality of SKT T1

We can get it right out of the way, SKT T1 are overall a better team. They have got stronger laners, one of the best macro and extremely strong team fights. This might sound confusing after we have mentioned G2 defeated SKT twice in the group stage, but there are some things to consider. The first match SKT T1 lost was also the first match of the entire tournament, so it’s safe to say a lot has changed since then. Secondly, the group stage matches were all Bo1, which are notorious for upset wins. We have seen strong teams losing Bo1 matches numerous times before, however, we cannot overrate those matches. SKT T1 might have slipped in two of the matches against G2, but when it will come to Bo5 matches, that is where we will get to see SKT T1 in their full glory. SKT are a notoriously consistent team, who might not beat you today, but in the long run they will come miles ahead of their opponents.

Can G2 overcome SKT T1 lane superiority?

Going into the semi-finals, G2 does not look to strong, especially after their disastrous results in the last 3 matches of the MSI group stage, when G2 lost all 3. They do, however, have one thing going for them. They defeated SKT T1 twice last week, which is basically where their so-called bright spots end. While some could argue G2 does have a solid chance to win at the top (Khan vs Wunder), and while I could agree with that, SKT are simply superior all the other lanes, except maybe midlane.

We have talked about Caps vs Faker matchup and while it could be an exciting one, I was not too convinced by Caps in the recent matches, which makes me wonder if he is ready to face off against the GOAT in Bo5? He may be, or should we say, he better be, as we have seen numerous times before what Faker is capable of once he gets going. I would dare to say that if Caps plays the best he can, the European prodigy could defeat Faker, but then again there is one big “IF”.

Only one winner

Being outclassed in almost all aspects, G2 know they are in for a tough match. While they performed well against SKT T1 in the group stage, their recent form is questionable, to say the least. All in all I do believe G2 will put up a good fight, which will not only keep SKT T1 on their toes but also keep spectators at the edge of their seats. Despite all that, we just can’t deny the superiority of SKT T1, who should win this one 3:0 or 3:1.

Prediction: SKT T1 -1.5 maps
Odds: 1.72 Bet365