Turner Sports Strikes Betting Content Deals with FanDuel and DraftKings

Turner Sports is adding two sports betting platforms to its media outlet this week; Fan Duel and DraftKing. Both platforms have signed an executive betting partnership with Turner. According to the terms of this partnership deal, the contract makes them the exclusive sportsbook partners for TNT and TBS, thereby offering betting information to viewers on TNT, TBS, and the Bleacher Reports.

FanDuel is the exclusive sportsbook partner for Turner Sports NBA programming, while DraftKing is the official sportsbook for all other sports, including the Major League Baseball playoffs airing on all Turner networks.

Partnership Deal Details

FanDuel deal grants Turner Sports access to exclusive integrations within NBA content, inclusive Bleacher report on Digital channels, and TNT lives casts. FanDuel will give basketball viewers sports betting insights and analysis directly integrated with the NBA viewing experience. FanDuel’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Raffensperger, said in an official announcement, “together, we’re bringing viewership to the next level by offering exclusive sports betting content that is directly integrated into their NBA programming. We’ll be incorporating FanDuel’s sport books odds and analysis into Turner Sport’s live broadcasts and Bleacher’s digital content, offering a new and enhanced experience for fans”.

While FanDuel handles the NBA, DraftKings will be the exclusive sportsbook for other sports and the daily fantasy sports provider for Turner and Bleacher Properties. This planned integration will include custom content segments, DraftKings betting odds, and daily fantasy sports statistics, personalized automated alerts, and editorial access across Bleacher Report Channels.

The personalized automated alerts are a big deal, and this is why.

Say a game which is being aired on TNT is tied before the end. A text alert will not only convince recipients to tune in for the end of the game, but it would also prompt users to place a bet.

DraftKings’ Chief Business Officer, Ezra Kucharz, mentioned in a statement that regulated betting is quickly becoming a fixture of modern sports entertainment and that this partnership with Turner helps to further the reach of DraftKings’ products and content in engaging fans.

The multi-year partnership allows DraftKings and FanDuel to access post-betting information across the Turner Sports media platform. Turner sports plans to integrate both betting companies onto their site.

How Does This Affect Turner Sports?

This move by Turner shows that the company understands the need to keep up with the sports betting media empires, evolve in the industry, and provide the best experience for its clients.

Although Turner Sports saw its ratings dip this fall, experts believe that incorporating sports betting into their broadcasts and on their platforms will be the drive to get the ratings back up.

As long as Turner Sports keeps putting in real effort to grow their media brand, they should be sailing right through. Adding sports betting analysis will help the company’s long-term growth. Sports betting and fantasy sports have become huge in the U.S, and as such, this partnership will attract players via betting and fantasy, and they will see their ratings rise.