NBA All-Star Game 2022 Prop Bets: LeBron, Steph & More

NBA All-Star Game 2022 Prop Bets: LeBron, Steph & More

Last weekend we had the Super Bowl, the best prop betting event of the year. This weekend we have the NBA All-Star Game, a totally different prop betting experience for a couple of different reasons.

So, play accordingly.

Tips for Betting on 2022 NBA All-Star Game Props

1. Don’t Forget the All-Star Game Just is An Exhibition

Unlike the Super Bowl, there is nothing at stake with the NBA All-Star Game. It is more of an entertainment showcase than a game and most of the players treat it as such.

The participants may turn up the intensity late, and nobody wants to be embarrassed, but there will be shots and passes attempted that would not be taken during the regular season.

2. Narrative Can Drive Performance Results

There can be non-competitive/narrative factors at play in an NBA All-Star Game, as indicated in our look at All-Star Game MVP odds. I am firmly in the camp that with the game in Cleveland, the MVP is LeBron’s to lose. My guess is that his fellow All-Stars are going to help him out where they can.

The other players with Cleveland connections (Darius Garland and Jarrett Allen) are first-timers so they will not get a similar push from their fellow players, even though the crowd will be on their side.

Also, in a game like this, if a player is getting close to a milestone, his teammates will often help him out. It’s not they wouldn’t during the season, but sometimes the game script makes that tough.

Let’s take a look at some prop bets that should be on your radar for this year’s NBA All-Star Game. These are all definitely just some fun bets. Never go too big on an All-Star Game.

2022 NBA All-Star Game Prop Bets to Consider

All odds listed below are via BetMGM as of Sunday, February 20.

LeBron James to be Top Scorer (+900)

James is at the top of the MVP odds but just 4th in the market to be the top scorer. That seems a little inefficient to me.

Of course, James has a varied game and will pass the ball, but the quickest path to the NBA All-Star Game MVP award is to be the top scorer so while James is often unselfish, I still like his chances. Especially at this price.

Trae Young to be Top Scorer (+1800)

For a second option in this market, I was looking for a player on Team Durant. Young actually has the lowest odds to be the top scorer of any starter on that side, lower than Giannis, Joel Embiid, Jayson Tatum, and DeMar DeRozan.

I like his chances because he is going to have the ball in his hands a lot throughout the game and he has an ability to get hot and make shots from anywhere on the floor.

With due respect to the big fellas, they are going to be mostly banking two-pointers, not threes, so it will take them longer.

Trae Young NBA All-Star Game
Will Trae Young have a big game for Team Durant at the 2022 NBA All-Star Game?

LeBron James to Score First Basket (+550)

Apologies if you are getting LeBron fatigue, but he is a team captain, the game is in Cleveland, and he is the “King.” We can suffer through it a little longer if it pays off like this.

Predicting the first basket of the game is definitely something you do not want to go heavy on. But I would be very surprised if his team does not give him the first look of the game. If his team does not win the tip then it might be too late, but early on the guys are going to look for ways to get him involved.

He is third in odds which again seems inefficient. Just appreciate the randomness of a first bucket bet.

Steph Curry to Score 20+ Points and Team LeBron to Win the 2022 NBA All-Star Game (+150)

In case you didn’t know, Team LeBron is -6 right now and thus expected to win.

Also, you can get this same wager with James scoring 20+ at +155, which is also really good value.

I like Curry to have a really good game on Sunday and enjoy playing with, instead of against, James. He will take and make shots from all over the court, so I think the 20-point minimum should be easily achieved. Also, I like the LeBron side in the game.

Combining the two results makes for a nice payoff.

Devin Booker Over 17.5 Points (-115)

Booker is quietly having a great season for the Suns, the best team in the NBA. In regular-season games, he could probably afford to be more aggressive, and I think he is in a good spot on Team Durant to put up a lot of points and actually be efficient scoring-wise, which is rare in a setting like this.

By Matt Wiesenfeld

Matt has been an active sports betting content contributor on the web for more than a decade, though new to the Betting News team. His favorite sports to bet are college hoops, college football, and MLB.