Super Bowl Cross Sport Prop Bets: Four Prop Bets for 2022

Super Bowl Cross Sport Prop Bets: Four Prop Bets for 2022

Super Bowl Sunday is not an official holiday, but it might as well be. One of the many ways that people enjoy the occasion is by betting on the game. Billions of dollars will be wagered on the Super Bowl and Super Bowl-related bets.

While many of the people who get in on the Super Bowl betting action are experienced bettors, many are not. Some are just people who know they are going to be watching the game and want to have a little action to keep

Those that are regular NFL bettors though are also likely to enjoy betting on other sports too. The sportsbooks know this and thus have gotten creative with some cross sport bets that you can make on Super Bowl Sunday.

Here are some Super Bowl cross sport props I have come across and how to bet them.

Super Bowl Cross Sport Prop Bets for Super Bowl 56

Which Will Be Higher: Cam Akers’ Number of Touchdowns in the Super Bowl vs. Holes-In-One at the WM Phoenix Open?

  • Cam Akers TDs: -115
  • Holes-in-One at WM Phoenix Open: -115

The Phoenix Open starts first, so there is a little bit of urgency to this bet. The 16th hole at Scottsdale is a par 3 and one of the most exciting holes in golf with the way it sets up for the fans. Tiger Woods hit an ace there and it brought the house down. But that was back in 1997.

From 1988 through last year’s tournament, there were just nine aces on this hole, so more often than not it is not happening. That would make it hard to back that side on this bet.

Well, Akers has some work to do now for his side to hit, as Sam Ryder recorded a hole-in-one in Saturday’s third round. And what a scene it was in Scottsdale.

As for Rams RB Akers, he has just two TDs in his short NFL career, none this season due to missing all but one game of the regular season due to injury. But he has assumed the top runner role for the Rams since returning, and I think that makes him the better play in this spot. There are better bets below though.

Which Will Be Higher: Joe Burrow’s Total Passing Yards or the Winning Score in the 2022 Masters (Number of Strokes)?

  • Joe Burrow Total Passing Yards: -115
  • Winning Score in 2022 Masters: -115

I am not a fan of this bet because I don’t like the time component. We are going to know what Burrow’s passing yards total is on Super Bowl Sunday but will have to wait close to two months for the Masters to be completed.

That said, let's take a look at the actual numbers. Burrow averaged 288 yards per game this season. His low during the season was 157 and his high 525. In the playoffs, he posted totals of 244, 348, and 250 yards.

By comparison, last year Hideki Matsuyama won the Masters with a score of 278. Over the past 10 years, the winning score has ranged from 268 to 283. There is no real reason to think that is this year’s winner is going to not be within that range somewhere. It is a much narrower range than for Burrow’s passing yards that's for sure.

I am leaning to Burrow as the play here. His range of outcomes is definitely much wider, but more than that I am expecting him and the Bengals to play well on Sunday. When that happens, he is usually the primary reason. They are not winning many games where he throws for 205 yards.

Which Will Be Higher: Total Super Bowl Touchdowns for the Los Angeles Rams or Trae Young’s Number of Three-Pointers vs. the Boston Celtics?

  • Rams Total Touchdowns: -130
  • Trae Young Total 3-pointers vs. Celtics: +100

This one looks like the best value of all the cross-sport props in this article. The Rams averaged 27 points per game during the regular season, which is usually about three TDs plus a couple of field goals.

In the NFL playoffs, they have scored 34, 30, and 20 points. In that game where they scored 34 points, they scored four TDs including one on defense. But I think using three as the benchmark makes the most sense.

Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young has made more than three shots from behind the arc three times in the last five games alone, with a high of six. In those two other games, he missed all of his attempts so there is definitely variance, but it is still a strong bet. His season average is 2.9 makes per game, but that was 3.4 in January and even 3.0 in February so far.

At +100, Young looks like great value. Even if the Rams have a high-scoring Super Bowl, making five or six three-pointers is not uncommon for Young.

Which Will Be Higher: Total Touchdowns for the Los Angeles Rams or Jayson Tatum’s Number of Three-Pointers vs. the Atlanta Hawks?

  • Rams Total Touchdowns: -140
  • Jayson Tatum Total 3-Pointers vs. Hawks: +110

This bet is similar to the above, but Tatum is not as high volume from behind the arc, so the odds are skewed more. I like the bet with Young a lot better. You lose some payoff, but the probability is much higher.

Tatum has been over three made three-pointers four times in the last nine games with a high of nine (not a typo). His volume can really get up there, but it is not as consistent as Young’s this season. Also, 2022 has not been as kind to him behind the arc, he made 33 percent of his shots in January, just 30% in February so far.

What Other Super Bowl Cross Sport Prop Bets Could There Be?

Evan McPherson Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl
Cincinnati Bengals kicker Evan McPherson has two game-winning kicks in this year’s NFL playoffs.

I like kicker props, and kickers have definitely been of great value in this year’s playoffs. There have been so many close games won, with the Bengals and Rams both getting two victories with clutch kicks. The Super Bowl spread might be four points, but it definitely would not be a surprise to see a kicker determine the result of the big game.

In terms of crossover with other sports, it would be interesting to see something like total points from kickers vs. the winning margin combined of the two NBA games that day.

Like the Tatum and Young props, we would know the numbers we need before the Super Bowl coin toss, which adds a little extra juice to watching the game.

By Matt Wiesenfeld

Matt has been an active sports betting content contributor on the web for more than a decade, though new to the Betting News team. His favorite sports to bet are college hoops, college football, and MLB.