Cashing the 2020 Stanley Cup Winners

The St. Louis Blues are still celebrating their recent Stanley Cup win, but it’s not too early to try and cash the winner for next year’s Cup

In winning the 2019 Stanley Cup, the St. Louis Blues did so after being as big as 250-1, meaning a $100 wager would’ve won $25,000. One Blues bettor actually turned a $400 wager into a $100,000 betting ticket, a ticket for which he received offers of up to $75,000 from private bidders looking to buy him out of his wager.

You, dear reader, could put a few hundred bucks on one of these candidates for the 2020 Cup, and you very well could be cashing a $100,000 ticket of your own. So who has value? Who doesn’t?

Tampa Bay Lightning +600

Last year, the Lightning had the best record in hockey and were, at one point, the de facto favorites to win the whole thing. Stunningly, they were decimated in four games by the No. 8 seed Columbus Blue Jackets. Undoubtedly, it was one of the most shocking upsets in recent sports memory, leading to a wild NHL playoffs where nothing but upset after upset took place.

The Lightning were one of the countless big-time chalk that were wiped out by an underdog, but after one of the most unlikely underdog runs in recent memory, don’t exactly expect the same to take form next season. Returning intact and undoubtedly with plenty of motivation, an early wager on the Lightning could prove to be profitable, whether a ticket is held to the very end or whether it’s used as a hedging opportunity.

A $500 bet would pay out $3000. Not a bad idea to throw some cash down on the favorites who wildly underachieved in last year’s playoffs.

Carolina Hurricanes +3000

At one point in the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Hurricanes were actually favored at 4-1 to win the whole thing, after being nearly 30-1 to win the playoffs. In preparation for the 2020 NHL season, the Hurricanes are again big underdogs to win the Cup. After taking out the Washington Capitals and New York Islanders in back-to-back rounds, the Hurricanes were swept in four games by the runner-up Boston Bruins, who lost in a Game 7 as huge favorites to the St. Louis Blues.

The Hurricanes showed that, even on the road, they were able to sustain what seemed to be an unstoppable offensive onslaught. At 30-1, you’re getting huge value. A $100 wager pays $3000. Definitely look at the ‘Canes as a longshot with a serious chance to make another run for the Cup.

Boston Bruins +1000

Losing a Game 7 at home as massive favorites definitely stings, but it hurts even more when everyone in the world had their money on you to win. The Bruins were able to win a must-win Game 6 on the road after a disappointing loss at home the previous game, but miraculously the Bruins were able to do it. Similar to the NBA Finals, it featured a bizarre series where home ice (or court) advantage didn’t really mean much, resulting in the obvious loss to the Blues at home.

While the Bruins are still reeling, they dominated their competition after nearly falling to the Toronto Maple Leafs, in what was a stunning comeback victory. Collectively, the Bruins also suffered from untimely dings and injuries, as well as a now-infamous tripping no-call in Game 5, which many blame for the Blues managing to win.

At 10-1, there’s definitely some value here on the Bruins. A $100 wager would score bettors a cool $1000 payoff.