After Years at SiriusXM, VSiN Betting is Moving to iHeartRadio

In one of VSiN’s most significant moves to date, to expand its already decent audio reach, the Las Vegas-based sports information network makes its sports betting audio content subscription-free. This move will be made possible by a partnership with iHeartMedia and especially its iHeartRadio subsidiary.

VSiN, a Las Vegas-based sports information network, has always been at the forefront of the sports betting industry. Launched in 2017, VSIN has always prided itself on delivering credible content in the US betting industry via its dedicated streaming radio station.

The VSiN network has been a big player in the betting audio content game and was formerly on SiriusXM. However, as its CEO and founder noted, subscription audio platforms provided significant reach hurdles, and the move to a non-subscription model would open a new audience to VSiN’s content.

With the expanded partnership, Brent Musburger, VSiN’s CEO, noted that they would be developing a better audio product for its now broader audience for free. With iHeart’s technology and broad reach and VSIN’s podcast, live radio, and betcast portfolio, the CEO noted that VSiN would capture more advertising revenue as sports betting becomes ubiquitous across the nation.

VSiN has been on an upward trajectory since its launch in 2017, but the subscription model of SiriusXM curtailed its reach.

According to 2020 third-quarter statistics iHeartRadio’s listenership and customer count stands at 128 million, which dwarfs SiriusXM’s 34.33 million subscribers. According to its CEO, with sports betting becoming legal in many states, VSiN knew that the only way to improve its reach was by going free and joining hands with a significant online radio partner.

What does VSiN Stand to Gain with the Shift to iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio provides an expanded audience to VSiN’s podcasts, live radio, and bet casts. The shift to iHeartRadio places VSiN in a strategic position of forging new business opportunities with other industry players.

With the iHeartRadio deal, VSiN will get a dedicated live iHeartRadio station. From here, VSiN will be able to incorporate betting, gaming, and sportsbooks news and information into their programming.

VSiN will also collaborate with the team at iHeart Media to develop new sports betting podcasts. According to the terms of the deal, VSiN will also use iHeart Media, the No. 1 podcast publisher, to distribute its current and upcoming shows.

Betcasts are also something VSiN wants to venture into with the deal with iHeartRadio. Already, VSiN has introduced the EPL BetCast Radio, where fans can get access to real-time sports betting audio content.

VSiN sees significant growth potential in this segment and plans to leverage iHeartRadio’s technology infrastructure to deliver timely sports betting information to soccer fans and other markets.

VSiN made a significant move from its home of many years, SiriusXM, at the turn of the year. From January 1st, the free VSiN streaming station has been on air on iHeartRadio. Now, via hundreds of iHeartRadio-enabled devices, sports fans can listen to actionable and credible insights, analysis, and sports betting news from VSiN Betting at iHeart Radio.