MLS Matchday Betting Preview

The MLS Cup is traditionally a match up between the winner of the Eastern Conference Final and the winner of the Western Conference Final. The defending champions are the Seattle Sounders FC, who beat the Toronto FC with a final score of 3-1 to win the cup in the finals last year.

The Major League Soccer usually runs from February to October, with the Playoffs commencing from October and running through November. However, the year has brought with it a lot of alterations to nearly everything, including sports events, and consequently, the MLS schedule.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced Major League Soccer to postpone a total of ten games this season. However, things are slowly getting back to normal. This does not mean that future games are not at risk of postponement or cancellation. With the playoffs fast approaching, the teams will have to round off their 23-games schedule by November 20 for the playoffs to commence.

Major League Soccer in October announced that the playoff places and the Supporters’ Shield for the 2020 season, will be determined by points per game.

Sunday 08/11 Matchups

This Sunday, there are 11 matchups scheduled to take place:

Chicago Fire VS New York City FC

The Chicago Fire team has been performing poorly lately, placing them at No. 18 in the MLS table. They have lost 1 and drawn 4, winning none. New York City FC, on the other hand, has performed fairly well this season, winning 3 out of their last 5 matches, losing 1 and the other ended in a stalemate.

Odds: Chicago Fire +160 | New York City +135 (at FanDuel)

Columbus Crew VS Atlanta United FC

The Atlanta United FC stats show that they have been performing poorly this season, placing them at No. 20 in the MLS table with a win average of 27%. The Columbus Crew, however, have a great form with a 48% win average, and they seem ready to dominate this matchup.

Odds: Columbus -125 | Atlanta United +280 (at FanDuel)

DC United VS Impact de Montreal

Neither of these teams has performed really well lately. DC United is placed at No. 25 in the MLS table with a 23% win average and a 0.95 ppg. Impact de Montreal has a win average of 30% and a ppg of 1.00, ranking 18 in the MLS table.

Odds: DC Utd +115 | Montreal Impact +190 (at FanDuel)

Inter Miami CF VS FC Cincinnati

Inter Miami is a clear favorite in this matchup, with a ppg of 0.95 and a win average of 27%. FC Cincinnati has, however, lost 4 out of 4 recent matches and has a ppg of 0.74 with a 17% win average.

Odds: Inter Miami CF -270 | FC Cincinnati +550 (at FanDuel)

New York RB VS Toronto FC

The odds in this matchup favor New York RB, although Toronto FC is the more comfortable team with a ppg of 1.91 and a 57% win average. New York RB has a ppg of 1.32 and a 36% win average.

Odds: New York Red Bulls +100 | Toronto FC +210 (at FanDuel)

Orlando City VS Nashville SC

Orlando City is comfortably situated in this matchup with a ppg of 1.85 and a 50% win average. Nashville SC is not far behind with a 1.32 ppg and a 32% win average. However, the odds favor Orlando City to win.

Odds: Orlando City -130 | Nashville SC +320 (at FanDuel)

Philadelphia Union VS New England Revolution

In this matchup, Philadelphia is the clear favorite with 3 wins in their last 5 five matches and an impressive ppg of 2.00. Meanwhile, the New England Revolution is struggling with a 1.39 ppg and a 35% win average

Odds: Philadelphia +100 | New England +230 (at FanDuel)

Houston Dynamo VS Colorado Rapids

Houston Dynamos is the favorite in this matchup, although struggling with a ppg of 0.95 with no wins in their last 5 games. The Rapids, on the other hand, are comfortable with a ppg of 1.47 and three wins in their last five matches.

Odds: Houston Dynamo +110 | Colorado +190 (at FanDuel)

Los Angeles FC VS Portland Timbers

The Los Angeles FC is the favorite in this matchup. The team has an average ppg of 1.52 and a 43%-win average. However, the Timbers are very comfortable with a ppg of 1.85 and a 54% win average. This match could go either way.

Odds: Los Angeles FC -165 | Portland Timbers +330 (at FanDuel)

Minnesota United FC VS FC Dallas

Minnesota United has been listed as the favorite in this match with 2 wins, and 3 draws in the last 5 matches, and a 1.52 ppg. However, FC Dallas is doing better with a 1.62 ppg and 3 wins in the last 5 matches.

Odds: Minnesota United +110 | FC Dallas +220 (at FanDuel)

Real Salt Lake VS Sporting Kansas City

Real Salt lake is rated poorly in performance with a 23% win average and a 1.00 ppg. The Kansas City team is the obvious favorite in this game, with a 1.68 ppg and a 50% win average.

Odds: Real Salt Lake +160 | Kansas City +135 (at FanDuel)

Seattle Sounders VS San Jose Earthquakes

The San Jose Earthquakes are the lesser team in performance rating, and they are the underdogs in this matchup. The Seattle Sounders are doing quite well with a 1.64 ppg and 45% win average.

Odds: Seattle Sounders -160 | San Jose Earthquakes +350 (at FanDuel)

Vancouver Whitecaps VS Los Angeles Galaxy

Both teams have poor performance ratings. However, the Vancouver Whitecaps have performed better with a 1.09 ppg, yet they are the underdogs in this matchup. This one is a tough call.

Odds: Vancouver Whitecaps +190 | La Galaxy +115 (at FanDuel)