Rapinoe Dominates as USA Wins; Favorites in Semifinals?

After taking control of France in the quarterfinals, the USA is and has been consistently in cruise control

Since the very beginning of the Women’s World Cup, Team USA has shown that there isn’t another team in the tournament that’s capable of threatening them. While the French and Spanish have been the only teams to actually draw blood against the US, it’s been consistent that there is no other squad that is capable of remotely threatening them with a significance. Whether it’s passing, scoring, or the smothering defense, Team USA has shown that they are the undoubted (and most likely) favorites to win this entire tournament.

After a dominating two-goal performance by Megan Rapinoe, there is no doubt that the women in red, white, and blue are prepared to continue their dominance as the tournament continues onward. So are they still the favorites in the tournament, or has another squad shown that they may have the moxie to take on the American women in a winner-take-all match for the ages?

Unmatched Confidence

In terms of the performance of the American women, there is no doubt that there is no other team that has been able to match their dominance in the tournament. Thus far, the USA has outscored its opponents 22-2. And despite the fact that a lot of supposed “sharp” gamblers are fading the USA Women in every single game of the tournament, it’s shown that there is absolutely no value to be had. A common misconception is that simply betting underdogs is the way to go when betting in major markets where there is a lot of public action.

That said, this tournament has shown that the public has consistently been raking in money on Team USA’s games. Thus far, there is no reason to not consider them the favorites to win the entire tournament. While they have had stellar performances, it only takes one bad game to knock the US out of the tournament, but that said, they have shown nothing remotely close to making anyone think such as a result is possible. In their upcoming semifinal match, the US will face the undoubted best team remaining, the Lionesses of England.

While the US has been getting all of the glory in the Western media market, the English women’s team is similarly impressive and has shown a dominant performance thus far in the tournament. While the US is still the better squad, there is no doubt that England is going to prove that they will give the USA its most significant challenge thus far.

Their Toughest Test

For the USA, their toughest test thus far will be facing England. As of now, the American squad is favored by half a goal, with a .5 goal line set for Tuesday’s contest. The total is set at 2.5 goals. So far in the tournament, the over has won in every single contest outside of their match against Chile, where they finished 3-0, shutting out the Chilean team without much of a scare. The Lionesses will be USA’s toughest test as they are a similar scrappy and confident team, but still, Team USA is a heavy favorite on the three-way moneyline at -214, giving them a solid 68-percent chance of victory.

Right now, even if a wager fading the USA were to cash, fading the USA has been a poor strategy. They have won every single contest in full-time and have covered the goal line in every contest scored. Fading them isn’t a wise wager, and regardless of perceived value, there is little to be had this far in the tournament, although, it would not be a shock if the Lionesses could best the USA and pull the biggest upset of the tournament.