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MLB Betting Sites

Major League Baseball is a sport that has an incredibly long regular season, and playoffs, with teams that make it all the way to the World Series having played close to 200 games. With so many games to bet on during a season, a gambler should be playing with a site that keeps things interesting even if your favorite team is out of contention with 80 games to go. Let’s have a look at MLB betting sites – what makes one better than another, and which ones we would recommend for our readers.

What are some features of a good MLB betting site?

Baseball is a wildly popular sport to be on not only in North America, but around the globe due to a high number of players in the league from various countries. Because of this, there are a number of online and offline sportsbooks offering MLB betting in today’s market.

When we review a sportsbook for this site, our team is tasked with finding not only the sites with the best bets but also many other factors. We are going to let you in on a few of them here:

  1. Live Betting Options
  2. Types of Bets Offered
  3. Live Streaming
  4. Bonuses & Rewards
  5. Customer Service

Live Betting Options

Baseball can be dreadfully boring for a lot of people, but a game that can change on one swing of a bat can make for some great gambling! The games typically take a couple of hours to complete, and while the final score is important, the game can change many times during the course of play. Live Betting has given new life to betting on Major League Baseball, as now players can log into their accounts and see updated odds as each inning goes by. Finding a site that not only offers in-game betting but in an easy-to-navigate format is crucial for those of you who want to get in on the action during the action!

Types of bets offered

With so many games to choose from every day of the season, sometimes a player can find value in a wager that isn’t just the straight winner of one game. We look at every type of bet that a site offers, looking for the odds on combination bets like teaser and parlays, as well as some more exotic betting options. While it is more likely to affect the experienced gambler, the more options there are to make a bet, the better chance a sportsbook is going to get you to do so.

Live Streaming

Depending on where you live, you may not get all the games on your broadcast delivery method. This can be painful for fans of a particular team that plays outside your local region. For those of you looking to watch the games you are betting on, you can turn to some sportsbooks that provide live streaming of the events. Now, you may have to have a real-money account to be able to access the stream, but isn’t that the point of you having an account with a sportsbook in the first place? Not every site offers Live Streaming of MLB games, but we have narrowed the field for you in our reviews.

Bonuses and Rewards

To keep MLB bettors engaged during a long season, many sportsbooks have contests that are run specifically for baseball fans. This can be a handicapping contest between players on the site, or even a promotion where if you get a bet right for a certain number of consecutive days you are rewarded. We look at every site’s Promotions pages in great detail, look for ways that MLB bettors can take advantage of bonuses, loyalty programs and other forms of promotion. The best sites are the ones that give back as much as possible to players while still maintaining a profitable business model.

Customer Service

There are a lot of games every day, and in baseball, in particular, there are many moving parts that could end up altering a bet. If you have a question about one of your bets, you want to be able to reach someone from the site with relative speed. We test all the customer service departments for response time and quality and add that information to our overall rankings.

MLB Teams

Knowing the MLB team you plan to bet on or against will definitely help you come out on top when betting. Check out the MLB teams below:

How to use MLB betting strategy

Major League Baseball has by far the longest regular season, with each team playing 162 games. These games happen between the end of March and the end of September, which means that teams are playing almost every day for the entire spring and summer months.

If you don’t watch yourself, you can find yourself in a huge hole by betting on the wrong teams and spreads.

Because of this, our team of experts has compiled this short list of basic betting strategies that any MLB bettor can use to improve their chances of winning.

  1. Bet Early in a season: This is a very long season, and in April, teams are just starting to figure out who they are. In turn, the oddsmakers aren’t entirely sure which teams are better than others, so you are bound to find some great value. By the time the summer rolls around, it is much more clear who the good teams are, so extracting the most value early in the season will allow you to get ahead of the action and into the profit column!
  2. Bet the underdogs: Underdogs in baseball mean something very different than any other sport. A terrible team in baseball may still win 70 games, so there are a lot of times the team will be an underdog but still manage to pull out a victory. This can often be a result of a team having one or two excellent pitchers but a weak remainder of the rotation. Looking for the value in losing teams can give you an edge, and since the underdogs tend to pay more, they will be profitable in the long run. Now, that doesn’t mean to go out and bet the underdog in every game…you still need to do a significant amount of research to make sure you are making smart picks.
  3. Beware the late scratch: A long season combined with a deep bench and minor league system means that baseball players rarely play hurt. Players are known to tweak injuries in the warm-ups or batting practice, so you need to keep an eye on any bets you have made right up to the opening pitch. If you have made a bet based on the scheduled starters and one is scratched your bet will most likely be canceled automatically. However, if you don’t see that there is a late change, it could cost you dearly. Having a mobile app that updates you on injuries via push notification can be a huge help to limiting your risk, and also using your device to access your betting site allows you to make any necessary changes quickly.
  4. Bet on fewer games, more quality: This one seems pretty simple, but many players get carried away ending up with losing sessions. There are several games to bet on every day of the season, and you don’t do yourself any favors by trying to bet as many as possible. First off, there is no way to be informed enough on every game to have an intelligent opinion, so you should be focusing on a handful of games at the most. Also, professional sports bettors are looking to be right between 55-60% of the time, so you need to pick your spots in order to try to get on the winning side of your bets. Use your time researching the best bets for each day rather than taking a flier on a random game because you feel like it.
  5. Bet totals instead of winners: These days, you have many options for betting on MLB aside from picking the winner of the game. From in-game betting to prop bets, you can find up to 100 different options for one individual game! One of the most popular bets to make is to bet on the total number of runs scored in the game. This is something that can be affected by the pitchers, as well as the stadium where the game is being played and the weather at game time. If you are keen enough to keep an eye on both the schedule and the weather patterns, you can find some great value in betting the over/under rather than worrying about who will win the game!

What are the best MLB betting sites?

MLB betting is very popular with Asian gamblers (the sport is incredibly popular in the region), so there is a whole subset of sites that are Asian-facing that you may not have ever considered for your baseball betting. We have reviewed these sites, as well as the majority of the North American-facing sites as well. From all of our detailed reviews, we have come up with the list of Recommended MLB betting sites that you see below.

Each of these sites provides MLB bettors with easy-to-use interfaces, as well as the widest selection of available bets. Some of the sites go as far as giving you local live streams of each game in case you don’t have the game you are betting on being broadcast in your market. All of the sites offer deposit bonuses, and while some may look like they are designed for an international audience, all the sites are available in English.

With so many games and so many different sites to choose from, shopping around for the best odds can make a big difference to your bottom line. This is why we give you so many options on this list – you can choose multiple sites from this list and compare the odds on whichever games are of interest to you, then select the best option from there.

Top 25 Players of All-Time

Below you will find our top 25 players in the MLB past and present. Listed in no particular order:

  1. Babe Ruth “The Bambino”
  2. Cy “Cyclone” Young
  3. Honus Wagner “The Flying Dutchman”
  4. Alex Rodriguez “A-Rod”
  5. Mariano Rivera “The Sandman”
  6. Ken Griffey Jr. “The Kid”
  7. Randy Johnson “The Big Unit”
  8. Barry Bonds 
  9. Roger Clemens “The Rocket”
  10. Ricky Henderson “The Man of Steel”
  11. Cal Ripken Jr. “The Iron Man”
  12. Nolan Ryan “The Ryan Express”
  13. Pete Rose “Charlie Hustle”
  14. Hank Aaron “Hammerin’ Hank”
  15. Willie Mays “The Say Hey Kid”
  16. Mickey Mantle “The Mick”
  17. Sandy Koufax 
  18. Yogi Berra
  19. Stan Musial “Stan the Man”
  20. Ted Williams “The Kid”
  21. Roy Campanella “Campy”
  22. Lou Gehrig “The Iron Horse”
  23. Rogers Hornsby “The Rajah”
  24. Ty Cobb “The Georgia Peach”
  25. Walter Johnson “The Big Train”


Major League Baseball gives gamblers more games to bet on that any other sport. With such a long season, there are ebbs and flows so making sure that you stay on top of the sport is key to being a profitable player. Also, betting on baseball requires a lot of patience and strategy, which we hope we were able to give you some insight on with this page. If you have any feedback on our tips and strategies or if you want to give us some things that work for you, we’d love to hear from you. Shoot us an email, and we’ll add anything we like to pages like this one!